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About the tool for Manufactures

What you enter

Robot Scenario

Choose whether you want a new, leased or used robot. Depending on the process, you have chosen you can enter the desired payload, reach and cycle time of the robot.

Personnel Costs

You can either enter your own data on personnel costs and turnover or you can use Eurostat’s statistic data by choosing your country. Personnel cost including, vacations, sick days, pension etc. The yearly turnover must (if possible) be for production staff only.

Current Manual Process

In this section, you need to think about your current manual process you want to automate. What is the number of employees working in the manual production cell? (e.g. 6 employees) Decimal points is allowed. Enter material costs for painting processes. The consumption of painting can decrease with up to 65 % when automating with robots. This will especially improve the business case.

Robot Automated Process

This is the section were you can “play” with the numbers and enter the number of employees that will remain at the production cell together with the robot. Often you cannot replace human work power completely and therefore decimal points is allowed.
In “Productivity” you need to define whether your automated robot cell will produce less (<100%), the same (100%) or more (>100%) than the manual working station. Info boxes explains each text entry box.

What you get

Your Robot Installation

An investment interval based on prices from several system integrators is shown in three different scenarios: The minimum, the most likely and the maximum solution. Robot installations varies from small standard solutions to large-scale robots with high payload and reach. The price level and its enclosed expenses (such as software, hardware, installation and project hours) will lie in between the interval from minimum to maximum. To get a more exact price you need to contact a system integrator (you get contact information for local system integrators after trying the tool). The interval is an estimation build on knowledge and experience from experienced system integrators and salespersons. The more data is provided the accurate will your estimate be, but there is always a little risk that your final price will either be smaller or larger than the shown interval.

Current Manual Process

Profit per employee = (Employee turnover per year) - (Annual personnel cost).

Total profit per year = (profit per year) x (number of manual workers).

Costs - Automatic Process

Total employee turnover depends on the productivity. If the productivity is 100 %, the turnover will be the same for the automated process as the manual, because the same amount of products is produced.

Total employee turnover = (Total employee turnover (for manual process)) x (productivity).

Utilities and Maintenance is based on experience and the value is set to 10 % of the most likely price.

Total profit per year = (Total employee turnover) – (Personnel costs) – (Utilities and Maintenance).


This is the total benefits per year when investing in a robot to replace employees or increase productivity. Benefits total per year = (Total profit per year (Automated)) – (Total profit per year (Manual))


You get the payback time for the minimum, most likely and maximum solution in years. The payback time = (The investment) / (Benefits total per year)

Download your results

Download your results as a PDF by clicking “SEE YOUR RESULTS” and you will get all numbers on one page. By creating a profile, all your PDF’s will be saved on your account.

See a PDF example from another manufacturer.

Contact a system integrator


In the bottom of the tool click, “SYSTEM INTEGRATORS” and you will be directed to the overview of system integrators in your country. It is listed for which types of processes they provide solutions.
You can forward your PDF to maximum three system integrators.


They will then contact you to talk about how they can help you with robot automation. The system integrator will go more into details about what special equipment you need and this will narrow your price even more.

Try the tool

"As a manufacturing company, you can use this tool to get an estimation on the payback time for robot automation in your production. Select the process you intend to automate and you will enter the tool."