About the tool for System Integrators

How to use the tool with your customers

This tool can help you during your first meeting with a client – the manufacturing companies.

It is easy to use and is available wherever there is an internet connection.

The customer will get an immediate price range from the tool. You naturally will tell them where in the price range you expect their solution to lie.

It gives clarification on the spot whether the customer is still interested in a robotic solution.

You do not have to spend hours on a quote that the customer thinks is too expensive, but can give them a realistic estimate on the spot.

You can post the link to the tool to the customer in advance so that they can enter their expectations and generate a PDF that you can then discuss.

How to become visible as integrator

By creating yourself a profile, entering your data and describing your company's services, your company will be displayed on the integrator map: http://www.robotinvestment.eu/integrators (opens a new tab)

The tool will help you to become more visible to users. The tool is international and made in cooperation with several of the leading knowledge institutions in robotics in Europe. It will therefore reach an international audience.

Get new customers

When you are shown as a supplier of robotic solutions on our "integrator-map", people who use the tool will be able to see your company contact information and what services you offer (you provide this description via your profile).

Companies that use the tool can send a message to the address given in your profile. The mail that a customer sends via Robotinvestment.eu will include a PDF with their automation scenario and possibly further description(s) of the process and their needs.

You will thus know in advance what type of process the customer wants to automate and what expectations they have for savings or productivity increases.

Your profile

When you create a profile on robotinvestment.eu you must enter your basic contact information. Then you will be able to:

Contribute your prices to the database so that the investment ranges given to production companies will include your figures.

View graphs of how your rates compare with the average of other integrators. You cannot look at specific company figures and they cannot see yours. All data is handled anonymously.

Update your business information with e.g. logo, contact details for your sales department, and write text promoting your services.

How to specify price intervals for customers

In order to give prices, you need to:

Choose one of the eight processes (arc welding, handling, palletizing, etc.) that you handle.

Enter prices for robots, hardware, software, installation, and project hours, which will provide customers with the total cost of an installation.

Enter your expected minimum, typical and maximum solution cost for each of these processes.

Payback Estimation

"As a System Integrator, you can use this tool to get an estimation on the payback time for robot automation in your production. Select the process you intend to automate and you will enter the tool."